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Damon Lilly

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Senior Vice President of Sales

Damon is the Senior Vice President of Sales for the nationally recognized Aptive Environmental. He has recruited, mentored, trained, and managed thousands of sales reps over the last 8 years working at Aptive. His sales force has produced over $100,000,000 in revenue for Aptive over his career.

Discover Damon’s Journey

The capital earned from his success in sales and leadership has funded his business ventures in car management, high end dog breeding, e-commerce, carpet cleaning franchises and by far the most profitable…Real estate. You can witness Damon’s journey first hand on his YouTube channel.

Real Estate

At 24 years old, Damon bought a townhouse where he lived in Wilmington, NC. He quickly found his passion for real estate and began buying more town homes in the community. He then expanded into multi-family properties and then commercial office buildings. At age 29, he owns 80 rental properties worth over $20,000,000! 

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Damon’s Family

Damon is the oldest of four boys in a family of six. He grew up in a small town in North Carolina called Salisbury. He was home schooled from the 2nd grade through high school and completed early college. He went on to a bachelors in communication studies from The University of North Carolina Wilmington. Growing up, his family owned and operated a vending business where he helped in all aspects of the business from a young age. Damon’s childhood helped develop him by teaching him how to accomplish tasks and stay focused while helping to run the business and being the eldest of 4 brothers he was always helping to coach and mentor his brothers as they grew up. Because of this upbringing and a supportive family Damon has chased his goals with veracity and has accomplished a lot at a young age. He is in the top 1% of income earners and the top .002% for his age bracket. Damon married his beautiful college sweetheart Megan in October of 2021 and they have 2 frenchies named Oakley and Stella. Damon’s strong love and support for family, as well as his empathy, work ethic, experience, success and most of all his desire to help others succeed, has given him what it takes to encourage  and mentor others as they grow and prosper in their own lives and future.

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Explore Part of Damon’s Diverse Portfolio

With everything from Amazon E-Commerce stores to property management companies and high-end dog breeding.

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Real Estate Investing and Sales Coaching Owner of over $20,000,000 in rental real estate.

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